A Selection of Clips by Hal Conick


Alpha Males and Subconscious Sales, Marketing News magazine

The cancer patient had exhausted his options. Enter immunotherapy., Crain’s Chicago Business

How One Marketer Is Using Lemons to Educate the World About Breast Cancer, Marketing News magazine

The Art of the Narrative Arc: Why Marketers Must Learn to be Storytellers, Marketing News magazine

A Night in the Life of the Chicago Bulls Digital Media Team, Marketing News magazine

How Marketing Banned MicrobeadsMarketing News magazine 

Read This Story to Learn How Behavioral Economics Can Improve MarketingMarketing News magazine (HONORABLE MENTION: 2018 Folio Eddie Award for Long-Form Feature Content)

The Friendship that Changed Marketing ForeverMarketing News magazine

Nathan Hill on The Nix, Satirizing the Media, and Capturing the Absurdity of America in FictionSlate

The Evolution and Awakening of the Modern CMO, Marketing News magazine (WINNER: 2017 Folio Eddie Award for Best Single Feature Article)

What’s the Deal with the New Soda Tax?, Chicago magazine

The Past, Present and Future of AI in Marketing, Marketing News magazine

The Numbers Behind the Lakefront Trail Separation, Chicago magazine

OK, Google, How Did Burger King Create the Longest 15-Second Ad in History?, Marketing News magazine

These Celebs Are Trying to Save CPS, Chicago magazine

Is There a Biological Case for Criminal Justice Reform?Quillette

CDC Reports Record Number of STIs, Chicago Health magazine

Tattoos and Piercings for Teens?, Chicago Health magazine

It’s the End of Retail As We Know It: How Can Marketers Adapt?Marketing News magazine

How Marketers Can Have Better, More Productive DaysMarketing News magazine

Marketing's Ethical Line Between Social Media Habit and Addiction, Marketing News magazine

Family of five struggles with eviction disputeSuburban Life Publications

From Brooklyn to the world: How America’s 10th biggest craft brewer built its empire, Beverage Daily

What Marketers Need to Know About Blockchain, Marketing News magazine

Swipe Right: How Marketers Changed Online Dating, Marketing News magazine

Priest pleas guilty to sexually assaulting boy, Suburban Life Publications

Teen pleads guilty to killing 'best friend' in drunk driving accident, Suburban Life Publications

St. Charles restaurant shut down on bad loans; employee alleges owner still owes him money, Suburban Life Publications

Digging in the crates with Kiss the Sky, Suburban Life Publications

Why One Exec Thinks Infrastructure Is the Future of Advertising, Marketing News magazine

Message Over Medium: Why Advertisers Must Tune Up on Principles in the Digital Age, Marketing News magazine